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After studying law for 5 years, Tim has decided to study European political and governance as a last, complementary, year. His studies have given him insight in a wide variety of domains of law: From American law to Jurisprudence, going through European External relations law and Canadian Constitutional Law. Therefore, Tim has had the chance to engage with a broad range of legal systems, be they national or international. Studying politics then appeared necessary to complete the picture of public affairs he has been specializing in. He is responsible for content at idEU.

Academic parcours: 

-LL.B. in Belgian Law at Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles

-LL.M in European Law at Maastricht University

-LL.M in International Law at Université de Montréal

-Advanced M.A. in European Political and Governance Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges (Mario Soares Promotion)

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