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A Vision of the Future: Transatlantic Relations

Dernière mise à jour : 25 janv. 2021

Written by Anna Liisa Merilind

Design by: Josua Di Maggio

Abstract : We live in a time when a window of opportunity presents itself for taking the transatlantic relationship to a whole new level. As we put the crisis-ridden decade of the 2010s behind us and the outcome of the elections in the United States has called forth ‘the biggest collective sigh of relief in the world’ with Joe Biden becoming President, the stakes are high for the transatlantic partnership to revamp itself. On the European side, the European Commission and European Parliament have begun their second year of the five-year term, meaning that the main actors of the US-EU relationship are almost all geared up to go. The agenda on the table is tall: starting with the basics of eliminating hostile rhetoric and restoring a cooperative working atmosphere, to finding common ground on former pitfalls, such as transatlantic trade, addressing climate change, and agreeing on strategic priorities.

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