CONSIDERING the need to consolidate and develop the EU's demos through the full exercise of individual freedoms; such as freedom of expression.


MOTIVATED to feed a democratic loop through the grassroots movement of European citizens desiring to be involved.


AWARE that younger generations will, ultimately, inherit the European Integration Project and will be responsible for perpetuating it during unprecedented times.


RESOLVED to contribute constructively to the building of a resilient, value-driven and vanguard Union of peoples.


ANIMATED by the borderless and multicultural dynamics of the Union’s youth.


DESIRING to convey knowledge and to foster debate about the status quo.


DRIVEN by the axiological values undergirding the very existence of the Union: Human Dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, the Rule of Law, Sustainability and respect for Human Rights.


COMMITTED to build a better future together and resist being grounded by the immutable weight of the past.


PERSUADED that graduates have a right to be heard and listened to, the founders of idEU and its authors hereby pledge to



  1. Create a space dedicated to interaction and debate between students, young workers and stakeholders about issues relating to the Union and/or its Member-States.

  2. Show open-mindedness to a broad spectrum of opinions and subjects.

  3. Convey accessible and accurate information about politics, economics, law and all other aspects touching upon Europe in a creative way.

  4. Publish articles, opinions and interviews pertaining to the actuality of the Union on a regular basis.

  5. Organize participative debates with knowledgeable and involved personalities.


Timothée Ceurremans

As a Belgian European politics student with specializations in European and International Law, Tim is passionate about the law and politics of the EU. He is responsible for content at idEU.

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Di Maggio

Young creative based in Brussels, working on projects involving brand identity, web design and creative content, Jo is fascinated by the intersection of fine art, psychology and communications that gives each project its unique impact. He is responsible for the idEU website.

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